Body Therapy Sessions
M Beauty Bar’s Swedish Massage

stimulates blood circulation and the supply of oxygen throughout the body. It encourages relaxation and helps with reducing swelling from general poor circulation. The atmosphere during this session is calming with dim lighting, relaxation music as well as aromatherapy and the presence of a healing salt lamp. $70.

Hot or cold Rock Massage

Is available only in Salon. $75

Healing Services

Is a special doTERRA massage to allow the essential oils to penetrate into the body’s system to assist with stress management and immune support. This therapy also helps with the inflammatory response (if left unchecked, this could increase the likelihood of chronic illness) as well as improving homeostasis which balances the autonomic nervous system. $65

Half hr. Relaxation Massage


Foot Massage


Sea Salt Scrub


Marine Body Mask

Detoxifies the skin removing impurities to revitalize the skin for the summer months. It’s just like a spring clean for your body! $45

Natural Altenative Therapies
Kinesiology-Touch for Health

is a treatment that utilises Muscle and Emotional balance. If you have persistent muscle pain or even a minor sports injury, Kinesiology-Touch for Health can assist in more efficient movement, ease musculoskeletal pain and improve posture. Kinesiology Touch for Health uses the muscle response to assess and educate you on what your body needs to help it function at its best. $120

Indian Head Massage(30 mins)

Is an ancient treatment that relieves Stress and Tension by Activating Pressure Points. This therapy assists with blood circulation, neck and shoulder stiffness, relieves eye strain and tension headaches. It can increase lymphatic flow with helps to detoxify the body. It helps decrease irritability and promotes a more restful sleep, it helps to release endorphins to allow you to feel calm, relaxed and happy. $30


Concentrates on getting the life force energy flowing efficiently through the body. It is a Japanese technique of “laying on of hands” to shift and send the healing energy to the parts of the body where it is needed most. $20

Ear Candling

This is an ancient remedy for removing toxins from the ear and excess wax from the ear canal. It’s painless and is beneficial as it helps with fungal infections, glue ear, sinus, migraines, tinnitus, swimmers ear and itchy ears, ear infections and pressure. $35

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